Mutual Benefit Plans

Mutual Benefit Plans

Welcome to join our mutual benefit plans. You can promote our XUS product to get free license!

How to do?

1. If you are a webmaster & your website Page Rank >= 2. You could add a backlink to our product page or write a review for XUS Product.

2. If you have Facebook or Twitter account. Please share our XUS product with your friends.

3. If you are a blogger. Please blog about our XUS product & include a backlink to our product page.

4. If you don't have website and blog. It doesn't matter. Maybe you have some favorite BBS, You could post a thread about our XUS product, of course if it is fine. Because we don't want you to spam our product anywhere.

5. Help us to check the grammer and spelling mistakes. And send the correct spelling documents to us. Once the documents are accepted. We will offer you a free license of our software as a reward.

If you already done one of above jobs. Please send us the promotion page link & your interested XUS products. We will satisfy your wishes in our maximum way. Thanks a lot for your work!

Please send to this email address: admin#xussoft.com (replace # to @)

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